Crew Day - Saturday 10th June - 12:00

Introduction to crewing for Club Members.

If you're new to the Club or perhaps a little apprehensive about crewing, then participating as crew during the Club races is one of the best ways to learn. There are many opportunities to crew on yachts, squibs, and dinghies, plus sailing courses and other sailing-related activities.

We will explain some of the basics, offer some practice sailing, and take part in the afternoon's Club racing with experienced Club members. The emphasis will be on learning, fun and probably a bit of excitement !

1200 Meet in the Club
1300 Briefing for racing
1430 Racing starts - optional !
1630 onwards, back off the water
1700 Debrief

The Club can loan buoyancy aids, bring along any equipment such as gloves, windproof and/or waterproof clothing, or wetsuit if appropriate, or email if you need to borrow any kit.

To find out more check this page or email

Submitted on 31st May 2017