Feanor retires to the Carribean

Last Thursday at Southampton, Feanor was loaded aboard a ship bound for the Carribean!

Feanor has been an inhabitant of Weymouth Sailing Club's moorings since 1988. Under the expert helmsmanship of her owner Jeremy Parkinson she has cruised nearly all the coasts of Europe and Scandinavia from Bergen in Norway to Göçek in Turkey.

Jeremy writes -

After 29 seasons in my ownership of my Contessa 28, Feanor, has been sold to the Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth Bay, Antigua and has been shipped from Southampton.

She is to be used to train Antiguan youngsters to cruise. Apparently the club runs a charity training youngsters to sail in dinghies and now they want to train them to cruise. And in that part of the world that can lead to careers.

I am delighted that she is going to be used for such a purpose and I hope she will be a great success. And what a lovely part of the world in which to do it!

Nelson’s dockyard and English Harbour are only half a mile away. If anyone is cruising there I would be delighted to hear news of her. She will still be bright green but now has black anti-fouling.

She'll be sorely missed by many in the club - her distinctive bright green hull being a familiar if sometimes confusing port-hand entrance marker to the harbour!

Submitted on 13th December 2016