Is your boat gas safe?

Be gas safe with Gas Safe Marine!

Because I had replaced the flexible hoses in my gas system following a survey last year, my insurers wanted a ‘gas-safe’ certificate so that one of the things they are insuring me for doesn’t happen! Needless to say, I had left this till the last moment, but I was lucky to get hold of Stuart at the aptly-named Gas Safe Marine, who kindly agreed to test the system first thing on Monday morning; this meant an early passage to the Cove in the chilly Spring mist to meet up with him, and water up at the same time.

A survey of the system revealed that I had the wrong regulator, which Stuart quickly replaced with the marine grade one that prevents liquid gas getting into the pipework owing to the boat’s motion. This was followed by the standard manometer test to check the integrity of the whole system. Stuart also disassembled the burners on the stove and pointed out the build-up of material which would eventually prevent gas and air mixing properly; having cleaned everything, he carried out flame failure tests, and checked the joints I had re-made with a highly sensitive gas detector.

I replaced the gas leak detector last year when I re-did the pipework, so that I knew that the system was basically OK; now I feel even better about it, which is good because it will soon be be in daily use again, making the coffee and warming the croissants..

Stuart also maintains the gas systems on the boats of the harbour’s two Commodores, and welcomes any inquiries from boatowners. I can thoroughly recommend his professional and informative approach to his work and feel I have learned a lot. Among the inconsistencies and contradictions of the complex of insurance, surveys, etc, a little clarity goes a long way on a misty morning.

Steve Fraser

Submitted on 3rd April 2017