Around the world in the 16th century - and now coming to Weymouth!

The Nao Victoria, first ship, and first replica ship, to sail around the worldLeader of the expedition Ferdinand MagellanThe Nao Victoria on a map of 1590

The Nao Victoria, a Spanish carrack of 85 tons with a crew of 42, left Seville in 1519 to sail around the world - and (thanks to the good offices of WSC member and harbourmaster Keith Howorth) arrives in Weymouth next week! How can this be?

The ship offers the modern sailor a rare chance to understand more about sailing in an era very different from our own, and about the technology of sixteenth-century shipbuilding. You can also find out about the expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan which resulted in numerous important geographical discoveries including the Straits named after him.

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Submitted on 28th April 2017