Ten years of YCC's Transmanche to Weymouth

Destination Cherbourg - then Weymouth!

Already the advance forecasts are not unfavourable for next weekend’s Transmanche, though we will have to wait a little to see what conditions will actually be like on the day.

This is the tenth year of the Transmanche, which has become something of a tradition at WSC as well - to the extent this year that members have expressed the wish to be on the start line at Cherbourg next weekend, along with boats from Le Havre, possibly Granville and of course Cherbourg.

Boats will need to register with the race committee on Friday at the Yacht Club, from 1000 to 1200, or from 1400 to 2000. There will be a briefing for competitors with met update on Friday evening at 2000 at the Yacht Club. Skippers should be able to produce insurance documentation if required.

The start is on Saturday morning at 0900 local time. The start line is just outside the marina in the petite rade, with transit poles on the breakwater and yellow buoys marking each end of the line. It’s worth a wander along the pier to have a look at it before Saturday morning.

The course is simply Cherbourg-Weymouth, with a finish boat off D mark outside the harbour. All details will be available at the briefing on Friday evening, and there will be the chance to ask questions as well.

On Sunday WSC welcomes competitors to the customary lunchtime BBQ to meet and chat about the race - and possible future events - before the return race to Cherbourg on Sunday evening, which is of course optional for WSC members!
See you there!

Steve Fraser

Submitted on 28th May 2017