YOBs Review of 2019

This year we have had a great year for fun including getting the Optimists out for the little ones, learning how to sail and once again the return of sailing rugby. Sailing rugby is a very complicated and intricate game in which the boats are evenly split for teams and the ball is thrown and the first team to get the ball to their buoy wins; however you may only hold the ball for 30 seconds and you can be tackled by the touch of a hand on a boat. This game has improved a lot of our tacking and gybing skills and has also improved our competitive spirit (if that is possible of course).

We also have welcomed a new boat to our Friday nights, which is helm Deborah’s 29er (which is still yet to be named). After a tough season of sailing and training whenever they could Immi and Deborah are getting better by the second, by which I mean half the time they’re not capsized anymore - so well done as I’m sure in no time they will be beating everyone in the Club races.

Over the Summer we have welcomed may more YOBs to our group and are becoming a stronger community by the second. We have also had more YOBs racing in the Club races this year. Hopefully next year more YOBs will be encouraged to join the other racers in the Club. Although it may have been good weather for the beach most of the time for YOBs we have had nights with either hardly any wind or too much; this resulted in our annual Squib race being cancelled 3 times. But overall I believe we have had a good year and my favourite part of the year was the last night in which we had our Cruiser night and we had visits from our favourite 3 dolphins of Weymouth Bay and then finishing off with fish and chips sat up in the Club.

Ruby Staple
YOBs class captain.

Submitted on 31st December 2019