9 marks and 10 anchors by the Dirty Dozen!

Liftout using the derrick

A favourable weather window prompted a hasty call for volunteers to lift the remaining 9 racing marks... the other 5 had decided to make their own way ashore over the past few months !

Less than 24 hours later 12 volunteers mustered on Saturday afternoon to undertake the Club's messiest and probably most enjoyable annual task.

This year thanks to Peter and James Williams (Banco) the job was made simpler, quicker and safer with the construction of a derrick with the ingenious use of a wheelbarrow wheel !

All marks retrieved plus a bonus of catching another set of ground tackle at mark J which was lost a couple of years ago !

Many thanks to Euan McNair, Steve Fraser, Roger Hayre, Team Passion - Tom Rees, Harry Owens, Will Rowles, Ben Peach plus David Lees, Phil Norris, John Tonks and Tim Day.

Submitted on 5th January 2020