COVID-19 Easing Lockdown Stage 1

15 May 2020

1.  Following the Government’s latest advice, the Club will now begin introducing measures to ease lockdown by stages.  This note details the first stage of what could be a process extending across many months.  

2.   We intend to follow the RYA’s guiding principles on restarting boating activities.  The RYA’s principles are:

  1. We will always follow Government advice.
  • The COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protecting health and wellbeing and to minimising pressure on frontline services. We all have a role to play by following the Government guidelines.

  1.  We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach.
  • Considerate: be mindful of the potential impact that you could have on other water users and do not place unnecessary extra strain on the RNLI and emergency services.  
  • Conservative: help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to your boating.

3.  FROM 12.00 ON SAT 16 MAY, members MAY access:

  • the yard;
  • their boats on the pontoons, on moorings and in the yard;
  • the mast store (to access tenders);
  • in the clubhouse, the foyer and ground floor changing rooms only.

Members MAY conduct boat maintenance activities as required, including hull maintenance and anti-fouling related activities.  

4.  The First Aid Kit and the Accident Book will be temporarily located in the clubhouse foyer at the foot of the stairs.  (If the First Aid Box is used, you MUST inform the Commodore or Hon. Sec.). The drinking water fountain will not be available for use.  A Defibrillator is located on the front of the RNLI shop.  

5.  Members MAY conduct on-water activities in accordance with  Weymouth Harbour Notice to Mariners No. 04/20 (T) dated 13 May 2020, noting in particular:  

Leisure Vessel Movements.  Leisure vessel movements are permitted for:  Day trips with members of the same household  No overnight trips away  One way passages between Portland and Weymouth for lift-outs, maintenance and change of berthing locations.

Members should regularly check Weymouth, and if applicable, Portland Harbour Notices to Mariners for updates.

6.  Members MAY NOT, at this stage, access the Longshed or the upper floor of the clubhouse, including the sundeck, without specific authority from the Commodore or the Hon. Sec.  

7.  There are NO immediate plans for lift-ins at this stage.  Arrangements for lift-ins will be announced in due course in later stages of the release from lockdown.

8.  WE EXPECT ALL MEMBERS TO MINIMISE THE RISKS TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHER MEMBERS BY FOLLOWING THE WELL-PUBLICISED GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES ON SOCIAL DISTANCING, SOCIAL CONTACT AND HYGIENE.   For the safety of all, you MUST take particular care if handling gates, padlocks, keypads, doors and other common-use surfaces; follow instruction notices; and foot-traffic separation schemes.

9.  Please carry your own hand sanitizer at all times.  Hand Sanitizer: useless unless used.

10.  Please be considerate and conservative in your actions.  

Thank you for your support.

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Submitted on 15th May 2020