Covid-19 - Easing Lockdown - Stage 2

23 May 2020

1. Following the Club’s Stage 1 release from lockdown measures announced on 15 May, we have now commenced the second stage of lockdown release measures.

2. These Stage 2 measures are focussed upon maximising opportunities for recreational sailing within Government guidelines. Meanwhile, the STAGE 1 RESTRICTIONS REMAIN IN PLACE unless notified otherwise.

3. The Club will continue to follow the RYA’s principles, namely: we will always follow Government advice; and we will take a considerate and conservative approach.

4. In Stage 2, and where applicable for those members who wish it, we will:

- Ensure the essential maintenance of pontoon, mooring and yard facilities, where this has become overdue due to lockdown conditions.

- Manage and facilitate the lift-in of keelboats. Due to tidal constraints, this will be NOT BEFORE 05 JUN. Owners are requested to undertake
any necessary preparations in advance.

- Facilitate the lift-in of Squibs.

- Enable the storage and use of dinghies, where practicable.

Where appropriate, revised procedures for the use of cranes and machinery will be put in place to manage the additional risks arising from Covid 19.

5. The plan for Stage 2 will be coordinated by the Rear Commodore Yard & Moorings, Rear Commodore Sailing, and Class Captains.

6. Individual boat owners will be contacted in due course to discuss their intentions and to make detailed arrangements.

7. Members are reminded to regularly check Weymouth, and if applicable, Portland Harbour Notices to Mariners for updates. The extant Weymouth Notice is Weymouth Harbour Notice to Mariners 05/20 (T) dated 19th May. This notice re-opens public slipways and amends the Leisure Vessel Movement rules, which now state:

“Leisure vessel movements are permitted for:
Return day trips as an individual, members of the same household or as a pair of two people from different households who are social
distancing (only applicable for larger private boats to achieve 2m separation).
No overnight trips away.
One way passages between Portland and Weymouth for lift-outs, maintenance and change of berthing locations with same crew
consideration above.”

8. Class Captains may introduce additional local Class rules for recreational sailing for safety reasons, as appropriate.

9. Members are reminded that the First Aid Kit and the Accident Book are temporarily located in the clubhouse foyer at the foot of the stairs. (If the First Aid Box is used, you MUST inform the Commodore or Hon. Sec.). The drinking water fountain will not be available for use. A Defibrillator is located on the front of the RNLI shop.

10. WE EXPECT ALL MEMBERS TO MINIMISE THE RISKS TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHER MEMBERS BY FOLLOWING THE WELL-PUBLICISED GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES ON SOCIAL DISTANCING, SOCIAL CONTACT AND HYGIENE. For the safety of all, you MUST take particular care when handling gates, padlocks, keypads, doors, handrails and other common-use surfaces; follow instruction notices; and foot-traffic separation schemes.

11. Please carry your own hand sanitizer at all times. Hand Sanitizer: useless unless used.

12. Please be considerate and conservative in your actions.

Thank you for your support.

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Submitted on 23rd May 2020