Covid-19 - Easing Lockdown - Stage 3

20 June 2020

1. The next series of measures to ease Club restrictions are detailed in this note. These Stage 3 easing measures take immediate effect.

2. All Members are reminded of the Club’s approach in that we will continue to follow the RYA’s principles, namely: we will always follow Government advice; and we will take a considerate and conservative approach. The Club regularly monitors and reviews the current RYA advice and this is reflected within the Club’s measures.

3. In addition to previously announced easing measures, Members may now:

- Use the sundeck for socialising, observing the rules for social distancing and groupings. A maximum of 6 members may use the sundeck for social gatherings at any one time, unless exclusively with members of your own household or support bubble.

- Use the sundeck or Club rooms for official Club business meetings.

4. YOB activities may resume, subject to special YOB conditions and procedures reflecting Government advice and, in turn, the Club’s own risk assessments.

5. Club racing is expected to re-commence on or shortly after 4th July, the anticipated date of the Government’s next significant easing announcement. There are likely to be modified Sailing Instructions and protocols in place and these will be announced by the Rear Commodore Sailing in due course.

6. Members should regularly check Weymouth, and if applicable, Portland Harbour Notices to Mariners for updates. The latest Weymouth Notice to Mariners is NTM No. 06/20(T) Update 2 dated 09 June 2020.

7. If Members require access to Club rooms or areas other than those currently permitted (i.e. the Clubhouse foyer and changing rooms, the mast store and the sundeck are permitted) for any reason other than for an official meeting, they MUST seek permission from the Commodore or the Hon. Gen. Sec.

8. Members are reminded that the First Aid Kit and the Accident Book are temporarily located in the Clubhouse foyer at the foot of the stairs. (If the First Aid Box is used, you MUST inform the Commodore or Hon. Sec.). The drinking water fountain is not available for use. A Defibrillator is located on the front of the RNLI shop.

9. WE EXPECT ALL MEMBERS TO MINIMISE THE RISKS TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHER MEMBERS AND TO PROTECT THE CLUB’S REPUTATION BY FOLLOWING THE WELL-PUBLICISED GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES ON SOCIAL DISTANCING, SOCIAL CONTACT AND HYGIENE. For the safety of all, you MUST take particular care when handling gates, padlocks, keypads, doors, handrails and other common-use surfaces; follow instruction notices; and foot-traffic separation schemes.

10. Please carry your own hand sanitizer at all times. Hand Sanitizer: useless unless used.

Please be considerate and conservative in your actions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Questions or comments should be referred to the

Submitted on 20th June 2020