It's a Holiday - And Some Squibs Don't Go Racing

Jill & Malcolm The Thrill of the Chase Simon & Joanna

So, we’d got to the end of August and for all of the obvious reasons many Squibbers had yet to get out onto the water. Unacceptable. Just having a Telegram Squib Group of 48 exchanging banter, blah and rhubarb is great (really great, actually) but, well, it’s simply not enough. But the August Bank Holiday Monday promised some ideal conditions for a bit of a jolly, so we grasped the opportunity to load up some Squibs and get folk re-acquainted with seawater and the Bay. No racing, just a sail.

Mice were evicted from sailing boots and sailing togs were re-claimed from the badgers in the shed and returned to their higher calling. With three boats available, Aldebaran, Hope and the Artful Dodger, nine Squibbers were able to do some shift work throughout the afternoon and remind themselves of the dark unfathomable arts and noble indignities associated with Squib sailing. Jill and Simon Vines and Jim Mitchell provided the adult supervision, while Berry Scheffler, Caroline Nairn, Joanna Tavernier, Malcolm Macdonald and Graham and Diane Calvert generally larked about at one end of the boat or t’other.

It had been a while for some and a lack of practice immediately became apparent as folk re-acquainted themselves with the pullovers. These innocent-looking vessels offer no quarter for the unwary or complacent. But balance was soon restored and friendships were renewed as crews settled themselves aboard an obliging Squib. Then it was off to the (non)races and a chance to get used to the Squib Covid-safe protocols.

The calm sunny conditions proved perfect for a refreshing reminder of the string and gubbins within and the glorious coastal scene without. It was the usual drill - spinnakers up, down, in and out, all performed with (mostly) calm efficiency and a good reminder of nautical language, technical and otherwise.

It proved a most enjoyable afternoon: good sailing in good company. And for the late shift, a quick foray to the pub afterwards for a chorus of “Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Squibber’s life for me.” A Public Holiday just as it should be. Perfect.

Submitted on Tuesday, 1st September