Sun-Up Squibbing

On Tuesday 8th September, three Squib crews roused themselves indecently early from their slumbers and put to sea by dawn’s early light for a spot of Sun-Up Squibbing. It was a crazy plan, executed by some crazy people. Once the initial shock, fear and horror of getting up early had been overcome and the memory of it subsided, it was a quite glorious morning to be out in the Bay.

Aldebaran, Inquisition and the Club Squib, Artful Dodger, enjoyed flat water, a steady 10 kts breeze and a sun breaking through some low cloud. It was, quite simply, a joy. Though cruising folk know only too well what a wonderful world it is, at sea, at 7am, it’s definitely a novel experience for Squib-sailors used to more civilised hours.

For some, it was their first time out on the water this season. So, much as was the case during our Squib Bank Holiday Monday jolly, (sleepy)dust and cobwebs were blown away, lessons were half-remembered and a fine time was had by all. Graham Calvert and Malcolm Macdonald in the Dodger looked particularly sharp in the crisp morning light, belying their bleary eyes. Once we were confident that the Stone Pier Cafe was open for breakfast, we returned to shore for some spectacularly messy bacon and egg sandwiches. Luckily, we were still in sailing gear and could be easily hosed off. We were joined at the Cafe by a gaggle of more sensible Squibbers who’d decided to have a lie in and miss the sailing bit. But it soon became clear to all that - as someone once nearly said - Squibbers in Weymouth, now a-bed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here; and hold their sailing credentials cheap, whiles any speaks that sailed with us upon Sun-Up Squibbing Day.

So, early mornings as they should be and a really great start to the day. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Dunno. But It’ll probably become an annual event.

Submitted on Thursday, 10th September