Covid-19 Update Notice

26 September 2020

1. Following the Government’s announcements on 22 September and the introduction of ‘The Rule Of Six’, the Club has reviewed new legislation and guidance to consider any changes needed to the Club’s current Covid-safe practices.

2. With immediate effect, members should wear a face covering when inside any Club buildings (except when seated at a bar or galley table) and are reminded to follow the HANDS, FACE, SPACE guidance.

3. Any member who tests positive for Covid must notify the Club if they have participated in a recent Club activity in order to facilitate Track and Trace procedures.

4. Members should only access the Clubroom during bar/galley opening times, for management meetings, or to access the Club Office, unless granted permission to do so from the Commodore or Hon Gen Sec.

5. Detailed procedures for using the bar and galley, which is table service only during opening times, will be published separately by the House team.

6. Class Captains and the YOBs leaders will notify their groups if any additional modifications are required to current Covid-safe Class sailing procedures. But to ease congestion in the changing rooms at busy times, keelboat crews are requested to keep oilies on board yachts or to take them home after sailing.

7. As before, WE EXPECT ALL MEMBERS TO MINIMISE THE RISKS TO THEMSELVES AND TO OTHER MEMBERS AND TO PROTECT THE CLUB’S REPUTATION BY FOLLOWING THE WELL-PUBLICISED GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE ON HANDS, FACE AND SPACE. For the safety of all, you MUST take particular care when handling gates, padlocks, keypads, doors, handrails and other common-use surfaces; please follow instruction notices; and foot-traffic separation schemes.

8. Please be considerate and conservative in your actions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Please refer any questions to the Commodore

Submitted on 26th September 2020