New Clubhouse Pontoon- The story so far.

Following on from the success of the Cove Pontoon project, the Moorings and Yard team moved their attention to the vacant water outside of the Clubhouse.

The main aim from the onset was to provide a mooring with walk ashore access for the clubs committee boat, Viking.
Discussions were also held with the three class captains as to their views of how best to utilise the area. The Squib fleet were obviously keen to make sure no moorings were lost and also have options for more moorings should their fleet grow. The dinghy class thought it would be a great opportunity to provide an area where they could come along side and use the clubhouse facilities mid way through a busy day on the water. The cruiser class were told “they’ll get what they were given” after having it pretty good recently!

The piles holding the Squib pontoon have served us well but will need replacing shortly, so now seemed a good time to incorporate all these factors and start making a plan.

Various ideas were passed around until we felt a suitable option had been discovered, at that point we approached the General Committee with a business plan, then followed approval from the Trustees to spend just under £100k on the project.

It is also hoped that in the future, and when funds allow, a ‘Versdock’ type system can be installed to house the club RIB.

At this point in time, we are in the process of gaining a Marine Management Organisation license to carry out the work, having already gained permission from the Environment Agency to start work no earlier than 19th April this year.

We are confident the pontoon will be up and running for the new season and we hope you’ll all agree this new pontoon will bring a new lease of life to a underused area of the clubs facilities and will look quite eye catching positioned directly outside the clubhouse.

Submitted on 10th February 2021