YOBs - CoastWatch to Club - 10 April 2021

Our walk yesterday was a fantastic success- the weather gave us the perfect conditions and the YOBs and helpers were ready for the challenge. Our friends at CoastWatch waved each team off, the lovely Boatfolk at Portland Marina laid on hot chocolate and Easter eggs, and at the finish, the Club had donated soft drinks & snacks to join the delicious cakes that Daf Samways had baked for us all. Cash donations were received during the day taking our donation total to £2205, to be shared equally between CoastWatch and the YOBs. Thank you to all those who supported the YOBs in making the Walk such a success. Our thanks go to all our donors - not only will your financial contribution make a huge difference to the YOBs, but your belief in the YOBs gives them confidence and enthusiasm to rise to life's challenges, thank you.

Submitted on Sunday, 11th April