Some of you apparently do not login so missed seeing this members quiz so I have changed setting.  I thought I would spare you another sordid tale from the Slipway; at least this year. But after a hard Xmas eating and drinking what better than a bit of brain food. Rules - no lookup until you have asked family and friends. Still struggling? As life’s hard enough right now get online but if you do, no score allowed! Good luck and enjoy. Answers in the New Year for those that fall asleep before finishing.

1 What was the name of the fishing boat immortalised in the film The Perfect Storm?

2 Only one yacht has ever won Overall Winner (IRC) in The Round the Island race back to back; Eeyore. What type of yacht was she? And for an extra point what was the name of the skipper?

3 Where would you find a ‘Truck’ on a yacht?

4 In Moby Dick the author Herman Melville called the whaling ship the Pequod. What real ship was the Perquod based on?

5 The USS Missouri was made famous because the surrender documents to end WW2 were signed on board in Tokyo Bay September 2 1945. What was the nickname of the Missouri?

6 Jolie Brise was the first winner of the Fastnet race in 1925; what was the name of the Owner/Skipper?

7 On a traditional hand Lead line the first 5 fathoms are known as the ‘Drift’ the remaining 20 fathoms are divided into ‘Marks’ and ‘Deep’s. What depth does the last Deep measure?

8 What was the name of the lady who is recognised as being the first woman to have sailed around the world and for an extra mark in which year?

9 The Firefly was designed by Uffa Fox in 1946. What were the names of the first four built? One point for each.

10 The Squibb was designed in 1967 as a scaled down version of what type of boat?

11 In 1851 the Americas Cup was held in the Solent. Queen Victoria asked an attendant to inform her who was in second place; what was the response?

12 Laura Decker is the youngest person to sail alone around the world; how old was she?

13 Who invented ‘One Design Racing’? For an extra point each where and when?

14 When was the first Round the Island race?

15 The Route de Rhum starts in Saint Malo and finishes in which city?

16 The first Commodore of Weymouth Sailing Club owned two yachts; what were their names? one point for each

17 What is thought to be the derivation of the word ‘Canvas’?

18 On a traditional hand Lead line what mark denotes ten fathoms?

19 On what type of ship would you find a Maierform bow?

20 How far away in Nm is the horizon at sea if your height of eye is 3 Metres?

21 On a traditional Compass Card there are 32 points; how many ¼ points are there? For an extra mark what is the bearing in degrees of E. by S. ¼ S?

22 In the early 19th century ‘rating’ measurements for racing were based on tonnage and there were four classes. Allowance was made based on distance that a class had to give another, lower, class. What year was distance handicapping changed to time handicapping?

23 What is the fastest sailing record currently recorded by the World Sailing Speed Record Council? And for an extra mark each the name of the boat and year?

24 Naomi James was the first woman to sail single handed around the world via all three Capes how many days did it take?

25 What race distance might you sail at XMAS?

Maximum Score 36

30 or more– Smart arse do another lap 20 – 29 – Not bad, just trim the barber hauler 10 – 19 – Could do better, clean your hull 9 or less – That took the wind out of your sails

Submitted on 21st December 2021