Happy 110th New Year to all our members!

Submitted by steve

In 2023 WSC celebrates its 110th anniversary, and with a cracking season behind us in 2022, there’s nothing to stop us getting better and better! We managed a magnificent overall total of 1249 individual starts in club races, led by Joan Whyte in ‘Grey Knott’ in the keelboats with 51 starts, followed by ‘Scoline’ with 43, and ‘Suspicion’ with 40.

Don Cutler

Submitted by steve

We learn with sadness of the death of Don Cutler, a former Commodore and long-serving member of the club. Don sailed ‘Fenix Flyer’ with his daughter and crew Peter Luckett in his later years, and a formidable team they were on the water!

Check Regularly

Submitted by pburger

This is why you must check your mooring gear regularly.... also make sure your ridding-lines are man enough for the shock loads!

Hubris, Ananke and the Baie des Ecalgrains

Submitted by steve

How's that for a title? On a wet Wednesday in Weymouth, after my recent visit to Alderney, I am moved to recall a couple of incidences of my own nautical hubris which occurred in that neck of the woods; I make no apology for the brief explanatory prelude to my narrative!

Things that go bumpy in the day

Submitted by daddsie

The decision to transfer Sundays mornings cruisers race to Saturday afternoon because of Remembrance Sunday meant a busy race programme, with dinghies programmed to have two races alongside Squibs, IRC class 3,4 and 5 also competing out on the water.

2022 Christmas Dinners!

Submitted by ali2012

Christmas plans are in full swing!

Due to popular demand this year we are offering two Christmas Dinner Events on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December, so take your pick!

Running two evenings will accommodate more members, maximum of 45 each night, and still leave the dance floor free for letting your hair down at the end of the evening!

Things that go bump in the night...

Submitted by steve

Many things remain unexplained in our world, and this moment in the year has offered an interesting example to the superstitious (and who is more superstitious than a sailor?)

Youth on Boats AGM

The YOBs AGM was held on 13 October and was very well attended. A review of the season’s activities was given by Steve Staple and a lively discussion followed. The condition of the equipment was discussed and it was decided to investigate replacing or repairing certain items in readiness of the new season. It was noted that the numbers for YOBs continues to increase which was welcomed. This in turn has boosted participation by the YOBs in Club racing.

Sailing, sailing - and more sailing...

Submitted by steve

At this time of year dawn is late at sea, and dusk seems to start around teatime; it seemed a good idea to return from Cherbourg via Alderney, in order to get some cheap diesel for what promised to be a long motorsail back to Weymouth.

Saturday Dinghy sailing

Submitted by cea250

It was fantastic to see so many dinghies out last Saturday. The usual suspects were joined by a number of YOBs in Fevas, a laser, a Wayfarer and an Osprey. For some of them it was their first club race and it was a bit of a shock to have so many boats on the start line jostling for space.

The weather was lovely with a warm South Westerly breeze although a bit more wind would not have gone amiss.

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