Covid-19 - Easing Lockdown - Stage 3

20 June 2020

1. The next series of measures to ease Club restrictions are detailed in this note. These Stage 3 easing measures take immediate effect.

2. All Members are reminded of the Club’s approach in that we will continue to follow the RYA’s principles, namely: we will always follow Government advice; and we will take a considerate and conservative approach. The Club regularly monitors and reviews the current RYA advice and this is reflected within the Club’s measures.

Marks go in with extra help

Dolphin escorting us to K

This afternoon four of our fixed marks were successfully deployed with a watchful eye from one of the Bay's dolphins.

Thank you to Euan, Tom, Harry and Flipper for helping.

The Broad Fourteens - Spitfires of the sea

Submitted by Tim Day

In 1943 the Crown Film Unit produced a film illustrating the role of coastal forces in the Second World War. The Broad Fourteens is the name given to the waters off the coast of the Netherlands which are 14 fathoms (25 metres) deep. This was the site of a number running battles between British and German forces throughout WWII.

Weymouth in the film was the supposed to be a North Sea naval base HMS Terrier. Weymouth had been a training base until early 1943 for Coastal Forces known as HMS BEE and then became an operational base known as HMS Grasshopper.

Come on out - the water's lovely!

Submitted by steve

Yesterday’s outing in a steady WSW 12 knot breeze was to the Shambles bank during the ebb, which is always an interesting exercise, and one which extends the possibility of afternoon sailing from Weymouth during spring tides. Naturally it does requires care, but the benefit is in gaining some understanding of how the tides actually work in that area of sea.

Covid-19 - Easing Lockdown - Stage 2

23 May 2020

1. Following the Club’s Stage 1 release from lockdown measures announced on 15 May, we have now commenced the second stage of lockdown release measures.

2. These Stage 2 measures are focussed upon maximising opportunities for recreational sailing within Government guidelines. Meanwhile, the STAGE 1 RESTRICTIONS REMAIN IN PLACE unless notified otherwise.

3. The Club will continue to follow the RYA’s principles, namely: we will always follow Government advice; and we will take a considerate and conservative approach.

Tentative beginnings...

Submitted by steve

Saturday afternoon, the sun was out, the promise of a sea breeze was there to get me home, so, having scraped off the worst of the weed yesterday, it was high time I unplugged from a far too comfortable winter berth, and got back out in the bay. It felt ever so slightly strange, and getting things sorted out always takes time, though for a change it wasn’t dark and windy leaving for the first outing - but the down side was I wasn’t heading off to France…

COVID-19 Easing Lockdown Stage 1

15 May 2020

1.  Following the Government’s latest advice, the Club will now begin introducing measures to ease lockdown by stages.  This note details the first stage of what could be a process extending across many months.  

COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, it is self evident that your safety and the safety of our members is of paramount importance.

Your General Committee have invited the services of a risk manager to guide us through these troubled times and we are working toward the safe re-opening of the yard, with limited access to the clubhouse and lifting boats back onto the water in due course

We have a dedicated COVID management team which will regularly review the situation and working practices and implement changes as necessary.

Weymouth Harbour by William Daniell, RA

Submitted by steve

Members may recognise this print of Weymouth harbour (and part of the WSC yard), though many will not know of its author, William Daniell RA (1769-1837), who in the years between 1813 and 1823 toured the coast of Great Britain producing views wherever he went, of which this is one.

It's A Small World

Submitted by ray259

In response to the Commodore's call for interesting articles during these difficult times, here's something a little bit different that I hope some of you will find Q.I. Not a cruising adventure as you may have expected from me, It's yachting related, but not as you know it, it's about my vintage model yacht.


"Apt"  (12 Metre Rating, Scale 1" to the foot)

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