Rear Admiral John Croydon

Submitted by grg1196

I regret to announce that Rear Admiral John Croydon passed away on 19th July aged 93. He had been a member of the Club since 1979, sailing his Squib "Second Wind" regularly until about 10 years ago. The highlight of his time at the Club was winning the first race of the 1980 Squib Nationals and finishing 5th overall that year with son Greg as crew! He spent time on the Club Committee and was a Trustee of the Club until the charitable status was introduced recently. He donated the "Rear Admirals Cup" to the Club to promote inter fleet and inter Club racing.

Club Port Waste Management Plan

The club has now published its approved Port Waste Management Plan in the Handbook area of the website under Section 9.2, and also in the Documents and Forms section.

This Plan is of significant importance to all yacht owners as it affects how you dispose of onboard sewage and International Catering Waste (food waste when returning from outside UK waters).

A copy will also be displayed on the club notice board.

Ile d'Yeu 46.44N 2.21W Vendee

Submitted by ria200

We set sail from Lorient bound for the beautiful island of Ile d'Yeu in the Bay of Biscay on Friday 1st July. Initially the weather was grey and we could not help but notice black clouds ahead over La Belle Ile. The wind was supposed to go west but it stayed stubbornly on the nose as we punched tide past the Quiberon peninsula. However fortunately as we past Ile Hedic and left La Belle Ile behind the wind did turn west as forecast and we enjoyed a perfect reach in the sunshine all the way to Port Joinville on Ile d'Yeu.

Saskia V11: Camaret to Lorient

Submitted by ria200

After a few days and some strong South Westerlies in Camaret we managed to leave. Rising at 6am we headed for the Raz de Seine we had left ourselves 4 hours to get the tidal gate at the Raz. As we approached the wind was blowing SW 18kts and there was quite an unpleasant atlantic swell, it became obvious to us that time was going to be a little tight. The tide at the Raz runs at 8 knots once it’s in full flow. We were aiming for slack tide, we tacked to try to position ourselves to get through the gate, we realised we were struggling.

Saskia VII in Roscoff

Submitted by wsc.61

On Monday 13th June Saskia VII set sail for Roscoff on the first leg of our annual cruise.

We packed our Covid certificates and duly posted our C1331 form to the Boarder Force in Dover with full details of our boat including hull build number, radio number, call sign, passport number and a host of other apparently vital details!

We had a very light wind crossing in beautiful sunshine and a full moon later at night. As we approached Roscoff next morning our normally reliable auto pilot started to misbehave.

Mini Handbook

Mini Handbook

The new "Mini Handbook" is now available at a price of £6 from the Bar.

Printed on a water-resistant paper and ring-bound for easy lay flat reading, this is a stripped down sailing instructions version only.

The club has printed 50 copies as a trial to see how popular this format is.

The club's full handbook is available on-line in PDF sections via , any number of which can be downloaded onto your private computer and printed at your own convenience.

Stories from the Slipway 6 – Check your checklist

Mashead line with weight

Some time back I was chastised by some club friends about the length of my articles. For them I offer a synopsis; not as smart as War and Peace but then I’m not Tolstoy! For those more literate please enjoy the full article.

Synopsis – Equinox, time to move boat onto cradle, M25 traffic bad causing delay, in rush forgot to untie a securing line ashore, used knife to release it, just enough water to get to slipway, success, use a checklist.

Cruiser Class Dinner 2022

Submitted by jon1263

The Cruiser Class Dinner was held on Saturday 2nd April 2022. The black tie dinner went exactly to plan - which considering I didn't have much of a plan wasn't entirely surprising. This was the perfect way to celebrate the start of this year’s sailing season with the first race on Sunday 10th April. Thank you to everyone who turned up to make this such a fabulous evening!

Weymouth SC boat Jumble 23rd April Reminder

Submitted by nik911

We have had a lot of interest in having a pitch for the jumble but could still accommodate a couple more, if booked ASAP , contact
For those of you who want to grab a bargain please delay your arrival until 10.00 to allow the safe arrival of vehicles with their bits and pieces.

There should be some really interesting items for sale as at least 3 sellers want to get rid of lots of items that they have been gathering for the last 40 years!

The Bar and Kitchen will be open.

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