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Racing marks

A50°35.03N2°11.64WYellow Large canAtomic Buoy aka Arish Mel
B50°37.52N2°24.53WOrange SphereBowleaze
C50°37.58N2°25.24WOrange CylinderOrange cylinder - new 2019
D50°36.35N2°26.24WYellow Large canLarge yellow buoy with light
E50°36.55N2°20.55WYellow CanMISSING - not in position
F50°36.50N2°24.76WWhite SphereFranklin
G50°33.67N2°24.12WYellow Sphere with crossSouth East buoy of group of 4
H50°37.30N2°25.81WOrange SphereMISSING - not in position
I50°36.03N2°25.93WOrange Sphere2015 New position - N of Northern Entrance
J50°37.00N2°25.00WOrange CylinderOrange cylinder - new 2019
K50°37.16N2°24.10WOrange SphereK mark
L50°33.25N2°06.30WYellow Large canLarge yellow can off St Albans Head
M50°36.70N2°24.19WOrange CylinderOrange cylinder - new 2019
O50°37.00N2°26.38WOrange SphereMISSING - not in position
P50°36.76N2°26.53WYellow SphereMISSING - not in position
Q50°36.67N2°26.56WPink SphereNothe start line southern limit buoy
R50°37.40N2°22.65WOrange SphereNote - orange not white as in 2019 handbook
S50°31.26N2°20.08WYellow and Black CardinalEast Shambles cardinal mark - 2013 new position
T50°36.50N2°25.47WOrange CylinderMISSING - not in position
X50°36.84N2°25.90WWhite Sphere
Y50°33.99N2°28.91WYellow Large canWest Bay outfall buoy
ZOrange FlagStart/Finish line - pass through
50°37.36N2°24.85WYellow SphereChannel Coastal Observatory Wave Buoy
H50°42.71N2°42.22WGrey AnemometerHurst Anemometer
θBlack CylinderTheta - laid wing mark
λBlack CylinderLambda - laid leeward mark
πBlack CylinderPi - laid windward mark
ΔOrange PyramidPyramid - laid inflatable mark
N50°35.70N2°25.90WEntrance EntranceNorthern Entrance - pass through
W50°34.76N2°27.15WYellow PillarYellow buoy - CCSC mark 4
850°35.73N2°26.54WYellow PillarYellow pillar with Orange flag
950°35.70N2°26.92WWhite PillarWhite pillar with Orange flag
150°35.10N2°24.85WGrey AnemometerPortland 1 anemometer
250°35.42N2°25.46WGrey AnemometerPortland 2 anemometer